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Image Filters: Colourful Processors


Today has been my best day in terms of Likes and Views on my website. I have come to the obvious conclusion that most people are more interested in seeing pretty pictures than they are in reading articles on source code.

That’s ok, I also like pretty pictures SmileI have uploaded some more eye candy. The images were created by modifying an image originally authored by Konstantin Lanzet. The original image file is licensed under the Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, and can be downloaded from .

As a point of interest, all of the filters implemented were done through software I had written from scratch. Most of the application source code have been discussed in various articles and published here on my . All applications and related source code are of course open source.

This is what the original image looks like:


After applying various colour filters and a bit of copy and paste the result:








Image Filters: Light bulb Patterns


I’ve started development on pattern based colour filtering today. The software still needs some work, but so far the results are starting to look quite promising.

At this point I’ve only implemented variable sized checkerboard patterns. The idea being to divide an image into a number of squares and then to only include alternating squares when applying various colour filters.

Keep in mind all of the images shown below were generated from the same source image. The original image reflects a fairly standard image of a clear glass bayonet light bulb.

The original source image used to generate the images featured in this article has been licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license and can be downloaded from Wikipedia.


LightBulb_1 LightBulb_2
LightBulb_3 LightBulb_4
LightBulb_5 LightBulb_6
LightBulb_7 LightBulb_8
LightBulb_9 LightBulb_10
LightBulb_11 LightBulb_12
LightBulb_13 LightBulb_14
LightBulb_15 LightBulb_16
LightBulb_17 LightBulb_18
LightBulb_20 LightBulb_21
LightBulb_22 LightBulb_23

Image Filters: Sunflower

The Original

This image filter features an implementation of the technical details explained in the article .

A single source/input image was used to generate the following images. The source image has been released into the and can be downloaded from .

The Original

Sunflower USFWS

Filtered Images

Sunflower ShiftLeftSunflower ShiftRightSunflower SwapBlueAndGreenSunflower SwapBlueAndGreenFixRed0Sunflower SwapBlueAndGreenFixRed100Sunflower SwapBlueAndGreenFixRed140Sunflower SwapBlueAndRedSunflower SwapBlueAndRedFixGreen0Sunflower SwapBlueAndRedFixGreen85Sunflower SwapRedAndGreenSunflower SwapRedAndGreenFixBlue0Sunflower SwapRedAndGreenFixBlue180Sunflower SwapRedAndGreenFixBlue215

Image Filters: The Red Hot Chilli Peppers live in concert

The Original

All of the images featured in this article were generated from the same the input source image file. Each image illustrates the implementation of a different colour filter.

The original source image is a photo I had taken myself during a live concert performance by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, performed at Soccer City, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The colour filter technical details are explored in the articles: C# How to: Blending Bitmap images using colour filters and C# How to: Swapping Bitmap ARGB Colour Channels.

Original Image


Filtered Images


Image Filters: Tropical Storm

The Original Image

The original image file has been released into the public domain. Download the original from Wikipedia.

All or the images featured in this set were created using the original image and applying various colour filters. The colour filter technical details are explored in the articles: C# How to: Blending Bitmap images using colour filters and C# How to: Swapping Bitmap ARGB Colour Channels.

Original Image


Filtered Images








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