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Image Filters: Colourful Processors


Today has been my best day in terms of Likes and Views on my website. I have come to the obvious conclusion that most people are more interested in seeing pretty pictures than they are in reading articles on source code.

That’s ok, I also like pretty pictures SmileI have uploaded some more eye candy. The images were created by modifying an image originally authored by Konstantin Lanzet. The original image file is licensed under the Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, and can be downloaded from .

As a point of interest, all of the filters implemented were done through software I had written from scratch. Most of the application source code have been discussed in various articles and published here on my . All applications and related source code are of course open source.

This is what the original image looks like:


After applying various colour filters and a bit of copy and paste the result:








SoftwareByDefault on Technorati

I’ve created new user profile on, as per usual my username is set to SoftwareByDefault. In order to “claim a website”  requires content publishers to publicize a unique alpha numeric code. From my understanding verifying a content publisher would be a lot easier and streamlined if were to make use of OAuth protocols.

My unique alpha numeric code supplied by : DZ4ANYQP6NTS

Parse, parse, parse…. Unless I’ve missed something that should be it.

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