Image Filters: Sunflower

The Original

This image filter features an implementation of the technical details explained in the article .

A single source/input image was used to generate the following images. The source image has been released into the and can be downloaded from .

The Original

Sunflower USFWS

Filtered Images

Sunflower ShiftLeftSunflower ShiftRightSunflower SwapBlueAndGreenSunflower SwapBlueAndGreenFixRed0Sunflower SwapBlueAndGreenFixRed100Sunflower SwapBlueAndGreenFixRed140Sunflower SwapBlueAndRedSunflower SwapBlueAndRedFixGreen0Sunflower SwapBlueAndRedFixGreen85Sunflower SwapRedAndGreenSunflower SwapRedAndGreenFixBlue0Sunflower SwapRedAndGreenFixBlue180Sunflower SwapRedAndGreenFixBlue215


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