Image Filters: Ram Chips


Lately I’ve developed and published a fair amount of code and technical articles relating to implementing image colour filtering. I’ve decided to start publishing images manipulated by the methods of colour filtering I’ve discussed.

Quite often it is the case that software labelled as open source serve very little practical use, apart from being academic resources. I intend to illustrate through this article and related articles yet to be published that the concepts I examined in my open source sample articles do indeed have a practical application.

The Original

The source image featured in this article has been released into the public domain by the  copyright holder. The original image can be downloaded from .

The colour filter implemented in this article was achieved by swapping the original image’s ARGB colour channels. To read up on the technical details involved in ARGB colour channel swapping you can read the following article:

The Original Image


Shift Left Filter


Shift Left and Invert Filter


Shift Right Filter


Shift Right and Invert Filter


Swap Blue and Green Filter


Swap Blue and Green Inverted Filter


Swap Blue and Red Filter


Swap Blue and Red Inverted Filter


Swap Red and Green Filter


Swap Red and Green Inverted Filter



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